Mediocre at Everything


Glommer! He’s my new gross buddy on the Don’t Starve DLC. Gotta love ‘em!

Just started playing RoG. I love this guy! 

Just an idea I'm having


Pursuant to this and this, I’m starting to think there should be a symbol similar to the pink triangle or what-have-you that means some combination of “Janelle Asselin and everyone else who supports her is right” + “This person or establishment is not a safe space for your misogynist…

I am like, never on Tumblr, but I’m reposting this because yeah.


Hi I just fell into a time warp and this is what came back with me.

Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine kicking a dope verse on a Dipset instro?

Never forget how much it is appropriate to love Jay Smooth: all the amounts.